How Do I StandOut?


The StandOut assessment was developed by Marcus Buckingham as an evolution of the original StrengthsFinder assessment developed at the Gallup Organization. StandOut measures how well you match 9 Roles and reveals your Primary Role and Secondary Role. These top two Roles are the focal points of all your talents and skills. They represent your instinctive way of making a difference in the world.

StandOut helps you accelerate your performance by showing you actions you can take to capitalize on your comparative advantage. They pinpoint your recurring reactions and your behaviors. They are your edge at work.


What Do I Bring To Your Team?

StandOut Assessment says, "You keep our spirits high in the face of uncertainty and risk."

You open the windows. When the air is still with old ideas, you get everybody to look outside and see the potential in a different view. Total mind-flips are like candy to you. You are an emotional person, and though there are days when they take you on a roller coaster ride, in the end your emotions instinctively tilt upward. Your unshakeable belief in and focus on what is working keeps our spirits high in the face of any uncertainty, risk, or setbacks we may meet. You tell the story of what things will look like once we've built them, and your vision gets us excited about the process of building. If we are faced with large-scale systemic change, you can make it exciting, vivid and on your best days even fun for the rest of us. If the boat is rocking, chances are good you're the one who rocked it -- and you're the one who will reassure us that the ride isn't scary, but exciting. 




Stimulator Defined

You begin by asking, "How can I raise the energy?" You are acutely aware of the energy in the room, and you feel compelled to do what you can to elevate it. You do this with your outlook -- you are an instinctively positive person. You do this with your actions -- you take a seat at the front of the room, you raise your hand to ask questions, you call upon others to contribute and volunteer. You do this with your humor -- the smile in your voice. Because you are an energy-giving person, other people are attracted to you. The world beats them down, but they know that in you they will find the power to lift themselves back up. You aren't soft and gentle. On the contrary, you challenge people to unleash their own energy, and you become impatient when someone refuses to do so, sucking your energy from you and generating none of their own. Still, others will continue to be drawn to you because they sense that, at heart, you cannot help but be encouraging. They sense that your natural reaction is to celebrate all that is good in them, to illuminate their strengths and shine a light on their achievements. Even on your darkest days, you know they are right. 




Pioneer Defined

You begin by asking, "What's new?" You are, by nature, an explorer, excited by things you haven't seen before, people you haven't met yet. Whereas others are intimidated by the unfamiliar, you are intrigued by it. It fires your curiosity and heightens your senses -- you are smarter and more perceptive when you're doing something you've never done before. With ambiguity comes risk and you welcome this. Instinctively you know you are a resourceful person and since you enjoy calling upon this aspect of yourself, you actively seek out situations where there is no beaten path, where it's up to you to figure out how to keep moving forward. You sense that your appetite for the unknown might be an attempt to fill a void and some days you wonder what you are trying to prove to yourself. But mostly, you leave the questioning and the analyzing to others and revel in your pioneering nature. You are at your best when you ask a question no one has asked, try a technique no one has tried, feel an experience few have felt. We need you at your best. You lead us into the undiscovered country.