Tech Professional Entrepreneur



Who I Am

I'm a detail oriented tech professional, entrepreneur and unapologetic Texan with a passion for taking good things and making them great. I love solving complex problems and have a tenacity and dedication in seeing things through to resolution. 

We live in a world of deadlines and I'm extremely adept at prioritizing tasks and meeting hard dates. I'm a good listener and am skilled at understanding other's perspectives and being the "translator" between the technical solution and a solution that others can understand. Highly adaptable, I love applying knowledge to new situations.

I'm a skilled presenter, highly effective in both live and web-based environments with deep, practical knowledge in business processes, eCommerce, SaaS solutions, sales, marketing, SEO, CRO and customer support. 

I currently reside in Houston, Texas with my amazing wife, two sons and 5.6 million other "not quite as amazing" people.


“This is not a dress rehearsal.”

Steve Baker


What I Am Looking For

I'm looking for a nimble, high-performance team with a culture of "getting stuff done" where I can make a positive impact and set others up for success. I want to continue to grow my unique blend of experience across the eCommerce stack in order to amaze customers in the process of helping a company grow. 

I've come to better understand that the time we have here, "is not a dress rehearsal."  Each day should be spent doing something fulfilling that has a positive impact on others.

Do you have what I'm looking for?



Let's discuss, shall we?